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Have a new Turtle Top Odyssey, Odyssey XL FM2, Van Terra or Specialty Vehicle built for you. Contact Williams Bus and Specialty
because our mission is to
"To furnish the customer the best vehicle in the industry in both quality of materials and workmanship"

Williams Bus and Specialty Vehicles has a Vehicle for your needs !

Van Terra
The all new Van Terra is no longer than an extended van and carries 15 passengers.

Limo Coaches
Limo Coaches
Luxurious elegance of a traditional limousine, but with additional amenities
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Specialty Vehicles
Have your Specialty Vehicle Built today to meet or exceed your needs, Police Command, Blood Mobile, Dental and many more

The all-steel integral cage and body (steel sidewalls, roof and floor) offers you a strong and quiet bus. The body is mounted on a rubber puck isolator system which dampens road shock and vibration that otherwise would be transferred into the passenger compartment. Reduces interior noise level. Elderly passengers with hearing aids will thank you for purchasing a Odyssey.

All New Odyssey XL FM2
Odyssey XL FM2
Travel adventures whether short or long (for up to 47 passengers) will be the most comfortable available in the transportation business when traveling in the Odyssey XL FM2 with quality relating to safety, construction, styling, and ease of operation

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