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Odyssey XL FM2

Odyssey XL FM2 Standard Equipment

• Fiberglass front and rear cowls and ground effects skirting
• Welded tubular steel cage
• Welded "G" shape cross members and plates (floor)
• Steel wheel wells
• Floating cab assembly
• 1" polystyrene foam board insulation
• Steel reinforced fiberglass rear bumper with steel step
• Drive shaft guard(s)
• Front and rear mud flaps
• Flat bondless seamless passenger compartment windows
• Rear egress window
• Bright white Alucobond side
• Emergency windows to meet FMVSS217
• Electric bi-fold entrance door in body
• LED running and clearance lights
• LED side directional lights
• OEM heated, remote mirrors
• Chassis prep
• All steel primed with a rust inhibitor
• Body undercoating

• Bright white fiberglass reinforced ceiling and sidewalls
• 5/8”Advantech subfloor
• Smooth black RCA rubber under seats; ribbed aisle
• Enclosed entrance step
• Hand and grab rail at entrance door
• (2) Modesty panel and stanchion (left of entry door & behind driver)
• Driver-friendly lighted switch panel
• Automatic circuit breakers and solid-state switching
• Wiring harness colored, numbered and function coded
• Convenience lighting package
• Flat floor passenger compartment
• Track seating
• 80" interior height

• Cummins 300HP
• 320 amp alternator
• (2) 2200 CCA maintenance free batteries in frame- mounted box for easier access
• Dual 50 gallon fuel tanks
• Air ride suspension with dump valve
• EPA emissions compliant
• Engine block heater
• Push button electronic shift control
• 6 speed transmission
• Air brakes
• Aluminum wheels
• Power steering
• Multiplex electronics on chassis
• Three piece collapsible front bumper
• Front tow hooks
• Woodgrain instrument panel
• Air bag dash option available
• Fiberglass tank covers/cab steps
• Air horn
• Dual electric horns
• Daytime running lights
• Dual heated mirrors with LH and RH remote, Mirrors door mounted
• Convex mirrors mounted under primary mirrors
• Power windows / door locks
• Bostrom air suspension driver’s seat
• Co-pilot high-back non-suspension passenger seat
• OEM back-up alarm
• Cruise control
• Engine and trip hour meters
• Co-pilot cab door, entrance door in-body
• Fast idle
• Chrome grill and fender vent covers

Odyssey XL FM2 Optional Features

• Kubota Key Switch, Exterior
• Single Rear Exit Door w/Power Locks, Light, No Windows
• Single Rear Exit Door w/Power Locks, Light, Upper Window Only
• Light Duty, Radius Corner, Rear Emergency Doors (with upper window only)
• Window-Egress (Per Window)
• Window-Scenic, Front Cabover, 8.5"x45.5"
• Window-Each Side of Rear Door, 12"x22"

• A/C Evaporator – Mount in Luggage Compartment
• A/C System-125K BTU, Dual Compressor, Dual Evaporator (Front/Rear)
• A/C System-117K BTU, Dual Compressor
• A/C System 122K BTU, Dual Compressor, Condenser
• A/C Electronic controls w/digital thermostat and full system diagnostics

• Heater-Auxiliary 65K BTU, Rear (Requires CLC103)
• Heater-Auxiliary 45K BTU, Rear (Requires CLC103)
• Pump-Booster for Heater, (Required with CLC101, CLC102)
• Heater-Step Tread, Electric
• Aux. Heater Performance
• Deluxe Aux. Heater

• Audio/Video Pkg for 330” Floor, Incls. 6 Spkrs 19" 12V LCD TV, AM/FM/DVD, PA System (LTS102 not available with this option)
• Audio/Video Pkg for 349”/389” Floor, Incls 8 Spkrs, 19" 12V LCD TV, AM/FM/DVD, PA
System (LTS102 Sign not available with this option)
• Audio/Video Pkg for 330” Floor, Incls 6 Spkrs, 26” 12V LCD TV, AM/FM/DVD, PA System
(LTS102 not available with this option)
• Audio/Video Pkg for 349”/389” Floor, Incls 8 Spkrs, 26" 12V LCD TV, AM/FM/DVD, PA
System (LTS102 not available with this option)
• Upgraded Speakers, Pr.
• Prep for 2-way Radio
• PA System – Standard
• Audio/Video Pkg-17" LCD Monitor (one), AM/FM/DVD, PA, Speakers-Mount in Ceiling
(not recommended for raised floor vehicles)
• Additional 15” LCD Monitor, each
• AM/FM Stereo Radio/CD/Clock

• Rubber Floor-Color, Wide Body

• Contoured Overhead Luggage, 330” Floor w/Individual Light (Grey)
• Contoured Overhead Luggage, 349”/389” Floor w/Individual Light (Grey)
• Luggage Rack-H.D., 36", Floor Mount
• Luggage Rack-H.D., Floor Mount, Per Add. Ft.-(Reqs STO201)
• Luggage Compartment-Rear, w/Sgl. Access Door. Includes light & power door locks (Reqs SFY404)
• Luggage Compartment-Rear, w/Dbl. Access Door. Includes light & power door locks (Reqs SFY404)
• Cargo Restraint Barrier-Rear (Reqs SFY404)
• Moveable Rear Luggage Wall
• Window in Moveable Rear Luggage Wall
• Clothes Bars in Rear Storage-Each Side, Front-to-rear
• Overhead Driver's Convenience Compartment (Not available w/DRW502-O,
LTS111 or LTS112)

• Emergency Aid Kit-Includes First Aid Kit (25 Unit), Fire Extinguisher (5#), Road Kit (3 Reflective Triangles)
• Blood Borne Kit
• Door Ajar Light & Alarm-Exit Door
• Exit Warning-Light & Alarm, All Exits
• Pro-Lo Escape Hatch, White/Gray
• Brake Light-Center, High Mounted, LED
• Locking Fuel Door-Deluxe
• Wide-Angle Lens-11"x14", Vanguard

• Destination Sign-Lighted, Single, Transparent
• Destination Sign-Lighted, Multi-positions, Vista
• Curb Side Destination Sign-Lighted, Multipositions, Vista
• Software & Programming Card for Vista Signs
• Dome Light, (In Addition to Standard)
• Stepwell Light, (In Addition to Standard)
• Entrance Door light-Exterior, Beside Door

• Mirror, Rear View, Convex 7"x10"
• Safety Pad-Stanchion Pole, Foam, Vinyl Covered, (Per Stanchion)
• Safety Pad-Stanchion Guardrail, Foam, Vinyl Covered, (Per Guardrail)
• Safety Shield-Driver Modesty Panel
• Assist Rail-Entry, R.H.
• Assist Rail-Angled, at Entrance Door
• Standee Rails - Ceiling, (Reqs PTR501), Pair
• Trim-Limo Upgrade-Fabric Wall/Ceiling, Carpet Floor to Windows, Gray
• Trim-Carpet Wall-Floor to Windows, Gray
• Trim-Seat Fabric Insert, Ceiling Center Panel
• High Gloss Walnut Pkg. - Ceiling Beam, Strip Lighting

• Tire-Spare with wheel
• Tire Carrier, Under Vehicle

• Vinyl Graphics – High & Low
• Vinyl Graphics – Straight
• Vinyl Graphics – Wave
• Vinyl Graphics – Swirl
• Paint Graphics - High & Low
• Paint Graphics - Straight
• Stripe Over Window Area
• Skirting Painted
• Commercial Cab & Body Painted NOTE: Contact office for special pricing on Red, Black and Metallic Blue Colors
• Clearcoat (requires PNT205-XL)
• Overall Wet Sand & Buff (requires PNT205-XL)
• High End Show Quality Paint – Cab and Full Body
• Lettering & Logo – Contact Office
• Eliminator Graphics Pkg.
• Ziebart Rust Inhibitor-Cab Only


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